Students of Woolson’s life and writings can find valuable e-text versions of her stories, page images of the original publications of most of her works, sites about the places she wrote about, as well as reviews of recent books that feature Woolson.

Sites Specific To Woolson And Woolson Texts

The program of the 2000 conference of the Woolson Society, which was embedded in the Western Reserve Studies Syposium, “Writing Across Time and Region: The Western Reserve as Muse,” contains links to abstracts and full papers on Woolson.
Donna Campbell’s site on Woolson includes links to many of her works online.
The Legacy site provides etext versions of several of Woolson’s short stories, plus an excellent introduction to her life.

To explore the nineteenth-century magazines where Woolson often published, and to read her work there, two sites are particularly useful. The “Making Of America” project at Cornell University and the University of Michigan is putting nineteenth-century periodicals on the web. These are not in e-text or html and they are slow, but they do offer a number of issues of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, The Galaxy, and Appletons’ Journal and are a way to read some out-of-print Woolson fiction, essays, and poetry. There are also occasional mistakes, however. Since this is an on-going project, new issues will be appearing.

Occasionally works by Woolson will appear on the web, but these sites are not always accessible. “”Rodman the Keeper,” “The Yellow Jessamine,” and “The Florida Beach” are available here. “Kentucky Belle,” Woolson’s narrative Civil War poem, is reproduced here.

To search for copies of Woolson’s works, both reprints and first editions, the on-line search and order service MX BookFinder is useful.

Virtual Traveling

The History of Mackinac Island site describes the place where Woolson set her first and most popular novel, Anne. It includes a section called “Writers Discover,” which includes links to pictures of Anne’s Tablet and Anne’s Cottage.

The history of St. Augustine site describes the city where Woolson spent her winters for much of the 1870s and set many of her stories, travel essays, and her novel East Angels.

Information on the Zoar Community of Ohio is available here and here.

Reviews of Books that Feature Woolson

The historical novel  The Open Door, by Elizabeth Maguire, which focuses on Woolson, can be found here and on Goodreads.

The historical novel The Master, by Colm Toibin, which focuses on Henry James in 1895, including his thoughts about Woolson’s suicide. It was reviewed in the New York Times and the Guardian.
The Master and David Lodge’s Author, Author, with considerable discussion of Woolson is found here.


The biography, A Private Life of Henry James: Two Women and His Art, by Lyndall Gordon, is the most thorough biography of Woolson thus far, although the focus remains on Henry James.

Related Sites

For information about Woolson’s grand-uncle, James Fenimore Cooper, you can visit The Cooper Society Website.


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