The Complete Letters of Constance Fenimore Woolsoned. Sharon Dean, was published by The University Press of Florida in 2012.


The catalogue of letters below is reprinted from Donna Campbell’s American Literature web site.

Sharon L. Dean, “Constance Fenimore Woolson’s Letters to Dr. William Wilberforce Baldwin,” Resources for American Literary Study, vol. 31 (2007): 126-155. Copyright 2007 AMS Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

Update 9/26/09, from Sharon Dean: Twenty-five additional letters to Samuel Mather, Jr., privately owned, are on microfilm at Western Reserve Historical Society.

New: More Letters

1 letter to Miss Mary Booth, privately owned

1 letter to Mrs. Gertrude Van Rensselaer Wickham at the Western Reserve Historical Society

1 letter to Edward Strickland at the Schlesinger Library, Harvard

2 letters to Edward Everett Hale in the Elsa Noble Collection at Univ. Pennsylvania

Thanks to Professor Dean and AMS Press for making this resource available.

Typed for the web by Mary Pilch, Washington State University.

Name Place of Origin Date Number Archive
Oscar Fay Adams Geneva July 10 1 Phillips Exeter Academy
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Baden-Baden; Sorrento June 30; Apr. 10 2 Houghton/Harvard
William Wilberforce Baldwin Cairo; Cheltenham; Florence; Milan; Oxford; Richmond, Eng.; Venice 1886-Dec. 17, 1893 36 Pierpont Morgan Library, NY
Mrs. W. W. Baldwin Florence Apr. 15; Dec. 25, 1890; Easter 1891 3 Pierpont Morgan Library, NY
Miss Mary Booth W. 32nd St., NY Feb. 2, 1871 1 Princeton University
John Eliot Bowen Geneva July 9 1 Barnard College
R. R. Bowker Cleveland; St. Augustine May 13, 1873; Jan. 19, 1875 2 Library of Congress
Mrs. Dodge Geneva Sept. 13 1 Princeton University
D.C. Eaton Yonkers Aug. 15 1 Princeton University
D.C. Eaton Shelby, NC July 3 1 University of Virginia
Miss Farnian Charleston Apr. 17, 1875 1 Historical Society, Mackinac Island
Mr. Fay St. Augustine Feb. 26, 1876 1 University of Virginia
J. B. Gilder Florence June 10 1 NY Public Library
J.L. & J.B. Gilder Florence Jan. 28 1 Rollins College
Daniel Gilman Cairo no date 1 Johns Hopkins University
Mr. Gilmore Cheltenham Jan. 30, 1891 1 Johns Hopkins University
Joel Chandler Harris Cairo Mar. 11, 1890 1 Emory University
*John and Clara Hay Baden-Baden Cheltenham; Florence; Geneva; Leamington; London; Venice; Vienna; Washington 1879-Dec. 12, 1890 John: 18 Clara: 3 Brown University
*Paul Hamilton Hayne Charleston; Cooperstown; Darlington Co., SC; Goshen, VA; Hibernia, FL; Mentone, France; St. Augustine; Summerville, SC; W. 17th St., NY 1875-1876; 1878; 1880 15 Duke University
Mrs. Houts Florence Oct. 15 1 Vassar College
Elinor Howells Hampstead Health Dec. 24, 1882; July 13 or 15; Nov. 5 3+ Fragment Houghton/Harvard
William Dean Howells Florence; Shelby, NC; Rome; St. Augustine; W. 17th St., NY; Yonkers June 28, 1876; May 4; Oct. 27; Nov. 5; Dec. 11 6 Houghton/Harvard
William Dean Howells (?) Cleveland Aug. 24, 1871 1 Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library, Fremont, OH
Winifred Howells Venice May 11, 1883 1 Houghton/Harvard
*Henry James Leipzig; Sorrento; Venice Feb. 12, 1882; Aug 30, 1882; June 7, 1883; June 24, 1883 4 Houghton/Harvard
L.E. Jones Venice Nov. 24, 1893 1 Brigham Young University
Little Readers Sorrento Mar. 18 1 Knox College, Illinois
Katharine Loring Cheltenham; Florence Feb. 15; Oct. 9; Nov. 16; Sept. 19, 1890 4 Beverly Historical Society, Massachusetts
Hamilton Mabie Venice June 18, 1883 1 Duke University
Mrs. Markland no place June 12 1 Ohio State University
Elizabeth Mather St. Augustine Dec. 4, 1875 1 Rollins College
Elizabeth Mather Venice Apr. 25, 1883; May 20, 1883 2 WRHS
Flora Mather Florence May 6 1 WRHS
Katherine Livingston Mather Cheltenham; Engelberg; Florence; Geneva; Leamington; London; Lucerne; Mentone; France; Oxford; Rome; Sienna; Sorrento; Venice Dec. 22, 1879-Dec. 13, 1893 25 WRHS (24 of these were transcribed by someone, and the orginals appear to be lost)
Samuel Mather Jr. Athens; Cairo; Cheltenham; Dover; Florence; London; Lucerne; Richmond; Eng; steamship Gallia; Vienna 1880s-Nov. 23, 1893 41 WRHS
Samuel Mather Sr. Florence; London; Lucerne; steamship Gallia Nov. 24, 1879; Feb. 23, 1887 5 WRHS (transcribed as those to Flora above).
Mrs. McKibbin Florence no date 1 University of Virginia
Mrs. Nixon Leamington Dec. 5 1 University of Virginia
James Osgood Charleston Dec. 1, 1875 1 Historical Society, Mackinac Island
James Osgood Florence Dec. 30, 1886 1 Huntington Library, Los Angeles
James Osgood Ashville Oct. 22, 1875 1 Massachusetts Historical Society
Miss Rebekah Owen Oxford Apr. 16, 1893; May 9, 1893; Apr. 18 4 Colby College
B. Phillips Lucerne Aug. 16 1 NY Public Library
Miss Richards Baden-Baden 24-Jul 1 University of Virginia
W.H. Rideing Switzerland July 12, 1883 1 WRHS
Scribner’s London Feb. 2; May 14 2 Princeton University
Scribner’s Shelby, NC July 3 1 University of Virginia
Sir Lucerne Aug. 9 1 University of Virginia
E.C.Stedman Asheville; Baden-Baden; Cooperstown; Florence; Mentone, France; St. Augustine; Switzerland; Washington; Yonkers June 12, 1874-Aug. 10 17 Columbia University
E.C.Stedman Yonkers Oct. 28 1 Princeton University
E.C. Stedman Cooperstown Oct. 10, 1876 1 Yale University
O.F.R.Waite Oxford Aug. 15, 1892 1 Fiske Free Library, Claremont, NH
William Collins Whitney Oxford Feb. 26, 1893 1 Library of Congress

Letters fragments and unidentified letters

Cairns Collection, University of Wisconsin, Madison: 1 written from Oxford on Aug. 30
University of Michigan: 1
Fragments of letter pasted in books
Located in archives at Rollins College, Winter Park, FL: in Henry Mills Alden, Oxford Guide. Oxford: Alden & Co., n.d.
Located in books in Clare Benedict Collection, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland OH. MS. 4830:
*in Henry Mills Alden, God in His World: An Interpretation. New York: Harper, 1890 (letters from Cheltenham: Florence;
Llandudno, North Wales; Venice; dated Dec. 2, 1885; Nov. 21, 1889; May 11, 1890; Nov. 20).
in Clare Benedict, Five Generations (1785-1923). Vol 2, Constance Fenimore Woolson, Vol. 3, The Benedicts Abroad
in Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Boston; Osgood, 1876 (inscribed to Clare and Willie [Benedict]).
in Andrew Elliot, European Backgrounds. N.p.: n.p., 1912
in Andrew Elliot, The Little Lost Prince. Edinburg: n.p., n.p.
in C.H. Grandgent, Italian Grammar. Boston: Osgood, 1876 (addressed to G. Pomeroy Keese).
in E.C. Stedman, Victorian Poets. Boston: Osgood, 1876 (addressed to My Dear Friend and to Clara Benedict).
in Woolson, Anne. New York: Harper, 1882 (inscribed to Miss Guilford).
in Woolson, Dorothy. New York: Harper, 1896 (inscribed to Alden).
in Woolson, Front Yard. New York: Harper, 1895.
in Woolson, Horace Chase. London: Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., 1894 (addressed to My Dear Friend and to Clara Benedict).
in Woolson, Jupiter Lights. London: Sampson Low, 1889 (addressed to Alden).
in Woolson, Mentone, Cairo, Corfu. New York: Harper, 1896 (addressed to Alden).
in Woolson, Rodman the Keeper: Southern Sketches. New York: Appleton, 1880.
in Woolson, Two Women. New York: Appleton, 1862 (inscribed to Linda Guilford).
*Letters Published
Excerpts from those Henry Mills Alden in Woolson, Constance Fenimore Woolson: Selected Stories and Travel Narratives, ed. Victoria Brehm and Sharon L. Dean.
John and Clara Hay in Alice Hall Petry, “Always, Your Attached Friend: The Unpublished Letters of Constance Fenimore Woolson to John and Clara Hay.”
Paul Hamilton Hayne in Jay B. Hubbell, “Some New Letters of Constance Fenimore Woolson.”
Henry James in The Letters of Henry James, 3: 523-52
Fragments of letters in Clara Benedict, Five Generations, especially vol. 2, Constance Fenimore Woolson. (Many of these approximately eighty-five letters are excepts from archived letters and are being cross-referenced. Correspondents include Jane Averell Carter, Emily Veron Clark, Mary Benedict Crowell, J.L. and J.B. Guilford, George Pomeroy Keese, Elizabeth Guin Mather, Katherine Livingston Mather, Samuel Mather Jr., Harriet Benedict Sherman, Arabella Carter Washburn, and Flora Payne Whitney.)

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  1. Donald R.Daly says:

    I have been transcribing the letters of the Loring Family(Katherine, Louisa, William and Augustus) which are held at the Beverly Historical Society, Beverly, MA. I have found other letters of Katherine’s which reference Ms. Woolson.

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