Chronology of Woolson’s Life

June 26, 1806
Charles Jarvis Woolson born, Chester, VT
November 15, 1808
Hannah Cooper Pomeroy born, Cooperstown, NY
Summer 1830
Hannah Pomeroy marries Jarvis Woolson; they move to Claremont, NH, in October 1830 where Jarvis joins his father’s stove manufacturing business.
March 2, 1831
Georgiana Pomeroy Woolson born, Claremont, NH
March 22, 1833
Emma Cornelia Clark Woolson born, Claremont, NH
January 14, 1835
Ann Cooper Woolson born, Claremont, NH
June 28, 1836
Gertrude Elizabeth Woolson born, Claremont, NH
April 30, 1838
Julia Campbell Woolson born, Claremont, NH
March 5, 1840
Constance Fenimore Woolson born, Claremont, NH
March 21, 1840 Julia dies of scarlet fever, age 2 years
March 22, 1840
Gertrude dies of scarlet fever, age 4 years
April 3, 1840 Ann dies of scarlet fever, age 5 years
Fall 1840
Woolson family moves to Cleveland, OH, stopping first in Cooperstown.
December 2, 1843
Clara Woolson born, Cleveland, OH; dies March 2, 1923.
January or June 8, 1845
Alida Woolson born, Cleveland, OH; dies 1846.
September 7, 1846
Charles Jarvis Woolson, Jr. born, Cleveland, OH.
Late 1840s
Attends Miss Hayden’s school
Attends Cleveland Female Seminary
September 24, 1850
Georgiana marries Samuel Livingston Mather (1817-1890).
July 13, 1851
Samuel Mather born, Woolson’s nephew and eventual financial advisor; he marries Flora A. Stone, sister-in-law to diplomat John Hay, on October 19, 1881; dies October 18, 1931.
May 7, 1851
Emma marries Rev. Timothy Jarvis Carter; he dies that November of an obscure illness.
August 14, 1852
Emma dies of tuberculosis.
September 3, 1853
Woolson’s niece Katherine Livingston Mather born; dies 1939.
November 2, 1853
Georgiana dies, shortly after the birth of her second child.
Summer 1855
Begins summer visits to Mackinac Island
Graduates from Madame Chegarary’s School, New York City
Works for Union cause during Civil War, whereabouts uncertain, but part of the time in Cleveland and New York
January 31, 1867
Clara marries George Stone Benedict
December 20, 1868
Clare Rathbone Benedict, Woolson’s niece and biographer, born, Cleveland, OH; dies in Lucerne, Switzerland, 1961.
August 6, 1869
Charles Jarvis, Sr. dies, possibly of a heart condition.
Travels to New York City and publishes travel sketches in Daily Cleveland Herald
February 6, 1871
George Benedict killed in train crash.
Spends time with relatives in Cooperstown, NY
Fall, 1873-1879
Moves south, mostly to St. Augustine, Florida. Letters document extensive travel through the Carolinas, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia with at least one trip in Summer 1876 to Cooperstown.
March 1874
Meets poet/critic Edmund Clarence Stedman in St. Augustine
May 1, 1875
Begins correspondence with poet Paul Hamilton Hayne
February 13, 1879
Hannah dies
November 1879
Leaves for Europe, stopping first in England
February 1880
Spends time in Mentone, France
Spring 1880
Meets Henry James
Lives mostly in Florence, with periods in February and March 1882 in Sorrento; April and May 1883 in Venice; July 1883 in Engelberg, Switzerland, and August 1883 in Baden-Baden, Germany
September 1883-Spring 1886
Lives in Sloane Street, London, in 1884, and in Leamington in 1885. Trips to Vienna, Austria in April 1885 and Geneva, Switzerland in July 1886
Charles, Jr. dies in California, possibly a suicide; may also have been drug addicted and have suffered from the family tendency to depression.
Lives, mostly in Florence, renting rooms in the Villa Castellani on Bellosguardo Hill in 1886 and in the Villa Brichieri on Bellosguardo from January 1, 1887 through 1889; Henry James rents rooms in Villa Brichieri in April and May 1887; spends time in Switzerland in Fall 1888 where James also stays, but in different housing arrangements; spends time in October 1889 in Richmond, England.
Spends the winter on trip to Greek Islands and Egypt; returns to Cheltenham, England and then to Oxford in fall 1891-early 1893.
Rents room in Casa Semitecolo in Venice.
January 24, 1894
Falls to her death from her window in Casa Semitecolo.

Sharon Dean with Gary W. Woolson for The Constance Fenimore Woolson Society


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